Seawolf VII features an acrylic frame that houses two enclosures, one for the computer and one for the electrical system. Also found on the robot are several pneumatically operated peripherals such as the torpedo launcher or the dropper. 3D printing was heavily utilized in the making of these peripherals as well as for other mounting brackets and support pieces.



Seawolf VII continues to use the modular electrical system that was created for Seawolf VI. This system includes separate boards for power, serial communication, sensor input, and thruster control. Also included with the electrical system is a portable oscilloscope which is used as part of the acoustics system.

Seawolf VII

Years Used
2017, 2018

Intel Core i7-2710QE

Machined Aluminum
Laser Cut Acrylic
3D Printed PLA

Acrylic Tubes
Aluminum Endcaps

45 lb

Journal Paper

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