The Underwater Robotics Club at NC State University, founded in 2004, is a student run organization that designs and builds autonomous submersible robots to participate in the annual RoboSub Competition. The team openly welcomes anyone from any major who has a passion for robotics and is interested in improving their technical skills.

This year the team returns to competition bringing their latest robot, Seawolf VI, with newly redesigned electronics boards and peripheral systems allowing the robot to do more than ever before. The team has also been busy designing and beginning the creation of their next robot iteration, Seawolf VII, which will introduce the team's first acrylic robot and a completely redesigned hull.

While working on their own robot the team actively participates in outreach events volunteering with groups such as FIRST Robotics, the Technology Student Association, and school groups from around the state to spread their love of robotics to the local community. Additionally, the team continues to work with local engineering groups and companies to stay informed on the latest technologies and resources available as well as to allow team members to practice communicating and presenting projects in a professional manner.

Team Picture



Name Email
John Muth muth@ncsu.edu


Name Club Activities Years Now
Josh Smith Project Manager, Acoustics, Electrical 2013-2016 MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Ryan Edwards Software Lead, Vision Processing 2012-2016 Graduate Student, NCSU
Martin Mondou Treasurer, Mechanical 2012-2016 Nuclear Engineer, NAVSEA
Spencer Hitchins Acoustics, Electrical, Software 2012-2015 Software Engineer, ITng
Meaghan Johnson President, Project Manager, Software 2012-2015 Software Engineer, ITng
Scott Johnson Vice President, Acoustics, Sponsorship Chair 2012-2014 Graduate Student, NCSU
Carsi Tong Magistrate of Design 2011-2014
David Vanleeuwen President, Acoustics, Sponsorship Chair 2010-2013 Software Engineer, SpaceX
Michael Brown Software, Project Manager 2009-2013 Graduate Student, UNC
Chris Thunes President, Electronics, Acoustics, SVR, libseawolf, Software 2009-2012 Software Engineer at Bronto
Jeffrey Fowler Vision and Mission Control 2009-2012 SmallHD
Alex Hertzog Mechanical 2010-2011
Kevin Wolf Vice President, Power Systems 2007-2011 Engineer, 3Phoenix, Inc.
Richard Byron Beddingfield Electronics 2008-2011 Pursuing a PhD in Power Electronics at NCSU
David Hoffman President, Treasurer 2007-2011 Electrical Engineer, Molex High Performance Cables
Jason Hescheles 2007-2011
Brooks Stephenson President 2006-2009 Software Developer, CertiRx Corporation
Jim Simpson 2004-2008 Engineer, Northrop Grumman
William Cox Club Founder 2004-2008 Engineer, 3Phoenix, Inc.
Baird Hendrix Acoustics Design (SW3), Software 2007-2009 Engineer, SpaceX
Jennifer Webster Acoustics Design (SW3) 2007-2008 Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Alan Penny Software Design 2006-2007
Mike Faircloth Electrical Systems Group Leader 2004-2007 Medical School
Matt Kelly Mechanical Design & Fabrication 2005-2007
Dustin Gross Mechanical Group Leader 2005-2007 EMC
Frankie Myers Founder & President, Acoustic Nav 2004-2007 Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
Erin Anderson Summers Image Processing 2004-2007 Facebook
Rhea Motashaw Acoustic Nav, Fundraising 2004-2007 Engineer, NAVAIR
David Brown Underwater RF 2007 Analog Devices
Sterling Greene Software, President 2004-2006 Engineer, Lockheed Martin
Eric Phillips Props 2004-2006 Vadum
Thomas Bilbro Wiring, Video 2006 Engineer, SPAWAR
Krishnan Siva Acoustic Navigation 2006 Programmer, Vanguard Group
Amanda Harris Acoustic Navigation 2006 Sales Training Analyst, Nortel
Justin Sherril GUI Programming 2006 Senior Satellite Software Engineer, RedHat
Nader Moussa Control Algorithms 2004-2006 Graduate Student, Stanford University
Jessee McClelland Acoustics Navigation 2004-2005 Signal Innovations Group
Lee Wakefield Acoustics Navigation 2004-2005 Engineer, Raytheon
Daniel Zuckley Acoustics Navigation 2004-2005
Alex Stewart Machine Vision 2004-2008 Engineer, 3Phoenix, Inc.
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