Seawolf VI - Practice Days Recap: Seawolf VI spending a lot of time in TRANSDEC ...<a href=''>See More</a> Competition - July 26thLast day of competition!  The morning began with the second chance runs for all the teams that didn?t qualify for Finals.  The URC team had high hopes of scoring the required 2000 point amoun...<a href=''>See More</a> Outreach - October 21st 2015: The local Girl Scout FIRST team, The Gadget Girls, stopped by the team?s lab to learn more about our robot and what might come next if they choose to continue with robotics after FR...<a href=''>See More</a> Team Members - The URC team is once again back to being busy with the new school year meaning new team members and a new robot design!...<a href=''>See More</a> Acoustics - Acoustics Board Complete! Picture 1: 

This is just another shot of the bare board before putting any components. The yellow Kapton tape was used to prevent excess solder overflowing a couple holes th...<a href=''>See More</a> Mechanical - Introducing Seawolf VII: A new year hopefully means a new robot for competition.  Here is an updated render for what Seawolf VII will look like currently.  ...<a href=''>See More</a> Software Team - The vision team was hard at work using the pool test time to gather footage using Seapup and run test code. ...<a href=''>See More</a>

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We build underwater autonomous robots! The Underwater Robotics Club is student run and always open to new members from any major. Anyone who is passionate about robots is welcome to join us. The team works outside of the classroom to improve each other's technical skills and to spread the passion of robotics throughout the community. We take our robot, Seawolf, to outreach events such as teaching elementary school students how they can get involved in robotics at an early age. Ultimately, Seawolf competes in the RoboSub Competition annually in San Diego.

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