Seawolf VI - Seawolf taking its first swim of the year. ...<a href=''>See More</a> Competition 2013 - 07-28-2013
The crowds gathered to watch the finals competition begin.  Even though the team did not move on to finals the robot was put on display and continued to draw a large crowd. ...<a href=''>See More</a> Outreach - Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday many of our members had the opportunity to volunteer at the 5th North Carolina FRC Regional! We helped referee and keep score for the matches, queue teams, set up t...<a href=''>See More</a> Team Members - 7-30-2013
The team’s last day in San Diego lend to the team finally taking the time to play tourist.  First stop after lunch at In-and-Out burger was the beach where everyone got to wade in the ...<a href=''>See More</a> Seapup - Team members Michaela and Christine spent the weekend at the NC Seaperch training learning how to build the underwater ROV.  The training was spent soldering, waterproofing, and assembling until the n...<a href=''>See More</a> Mechanical - The new year is under way! 
Each individual team has gotten started with meetings to introduce our new members to the projects to be completed in this coming season.
Overall recruiting was a huge succ...<a href=''>See More</a>

What we do

We build underwater autonomous robots! The Underwater Robotics Club is student run and always open to new members from any major. Anyone who is passionate about robots is welcome to join us. The team works outside of the classroom to improve each other's technical skills and to spread the passion of robotics throughout the community. We take our robot, Seawolf, to outreach events such as teaching elementary school students how they can get involved in robotics at an early age. Ultimately, Seawolf competes in the RoboSub Competition annually in San Diego.

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