Seawolf VI - Summer Testing: When the pool is not available the team has a small in lab tank for testing the robot.  Here the team spent the morning testing the new PIDs for Seawolf VI by having it set various dir...<a href=''>See More</a> Competition 2018 - Our
 team did well in the competition, qualifying for semi-finals on the 
first day, being the second to qualify on-site. Unfortunately, we had 
several electrical complications due to corrosion in ou...<a href=''>See More</a> Outreach - Hoggard Trip: This year the team made a special trip two hours away to meet with a high school JROTC, computer science class, and school Seaperch program to give a demonstration of Seawolf VI and talk...<a href=''>See More</a> Team Members - Pool Tests: It is not unusual for the team to pack up their gear and spend the weekends at the pool on campus testing the robot and any new additions.  These tests allow the team a chance to gather fo...<a href=''>See More</a> Electrical - Electrical: Seawolf VI?s electronics system was completely redesigned this year to be more modular and better fit the team?s need. Seawolf VI now features an array of six circuit boards each with a ke...<a href=''>See More</a> Mechanical - 3D Printed Peripherals:  This year the team took advantage of the numerous available 3D printers on campus to prototype and assemble new peripherals for Seawolf.  New panels were also printed to fit t...<a href=''>See More</a> Software Team - Testing New Software: With Seawolf set to ship, the software team took one last pool test as time to test some brand new code allowing for the robot to now complete additional tasks along with being a...<a href=''>See More</a>

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We build underwater autonomous robots! The Underwater Robotics Club is student run and always open to new members from any major. Anyone who is passionate about robots is welcome to join us. The team works outside of the classroom to improve each other's technical skills and to spread the passion of robotics throughout the community. We take our robot, Seawolf, to outreach events such as teaching elementary school students how they can get involved in robotics at an early age. Ultimately, Seawolf competes in the RoboSub Competition annually in San Diego.

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